Change Log

Change Log tells changes to website by date & time.

1st Feb 2013: website launched with Google PageSpeed and Cloudflare.

3rd Feb 2013: Google Analytics placed on all page of website.

14th Feb 2013: W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin is added to this blog.

18th Feb 2013: Social media login system tried with OneAll.

19th Feb 2013: Finally social media login system done with RadiusLogin.

21th Feb 2013: Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer are written (update) on website. Upload user avatar facility is added by Simple Local Avatar Plugin.

23rd Feb 2013: Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter sharing button to every image inside post.

25th Feb 2013: Without Sidebar Custom Post Template is added to this theme.

9th March 2013: Jetpack Plugin added to mercenie.

13th April 2013: Theme Changed to a new Custom Theme named Simnew with better Ads, responsive, fluid (limited), prettyPhoto, live search, etc.

14th – 24th April 2013: Metadata, Disabler, EWWW Image Optimizer, Limit Login Attempt, Related Posts (YARPP) plugins are added.

25th April 2013: YouTube look changed using youtube javascript by labnol.

27th April 2013: Breadcrumb NavXT plugin added.

2nd May 2013: Some SEO changes to common links available on each page.

3nd May 2013: Video Embed Shortcode added for YouTube, Vimeo.

8th May 2013: Download post/article as pdf facility added using WP Post to PDF. SEO changes for Home & Category Pages. PDF & SlideShow document embed Shortcode added for Slideshare, Google Presentation, Scribd. PubSubHubbub & Nice Search Plugin is added.