Article Writing Guideline For Authors

All below rules and guidelines must to be followed by our full time author or any guest blogger. If you are guest blogger for mercenie then you must take care about all mentioned guideline.

1. Keyword Research: Before start writing any content/article on any topic you must have to know about your keyword for this article.

2. No Grammatical Error: We never like to post article which have full of grammatical error because of no one like to read grammatically mistake article and we don’t like not understanding article. Less than 3 grammatical mistake can be adjusted.

3. No Copyright Content: You will be not allow to post content which copied from any other website. We alway love your writing in your own language (means way you write in english).

4. No Duplicate Content: Never repeat any content which already available on our website. You can try to write something new content which doesn’t available on our website.

5. No Promotional Content: If you are not our full time author then we doesn’t allow you to post any type of content which promoting products, services, website etc. which doesn’t own by our organization.

6. Relevant Images & Screenshot: All images which you are included in your post must to be relevant to article.

7. Format Article: First check all paragraph of your article is nicely organized and use <h2> to <h4> tag for subheadings repectively, <strong> or <b> tag for highlighting points, <underline> tag for something important text. Avoid use of any other HTML tags like <div>, <span> etc. for article writing expect mentioned tags if needed.

8. Avoid Apps: You must avoid apps like MS Word or similar type of application for writing content because of, this type of application add unnecessary HTMl tags to article.

9. Share on Social Media: After successfully publishing article on website we will share this on our brand social page, also we expect that author must share this in his/her social profiles to get more popularity for this article.

10. Participate in Comments: As you are author, it will be best to participate in comment section to reply to comments by user.

11. Author Bio: If you are guest posting for us then we allow you to add author bio at bottom of article. You are allowed to include one DOFOLLOW link in your author bio which will be linked to your blog homepage or social profile with proper anchor text like your Name/Blogname.

12. Article Instruction: 

  1. Title- With researched keyword, user friendly and not lengthy (not more than 70 character).
  2. URL Structure- Don’t make it lengthy and use researched keyword in url.
  3. Word Count- Article word count must to be 400+, use research keyword in it.
  4. Feature Image- Must set a featured image to post, if doesn’t found related image then leave it.
  5. Image- Atleast add one inline image in content. Image must not contain any copyright watermark. Image width must to be within 200px-2000px.
  6. Alt Tag- Don’t leave any image without alt tag. Use research keyword in image alt tag.
  7. Inside Linking- Must link to other post on our website with proper anchor text from article content.
  8. Embed- Use below examples for embedding any content.
  9. Slideshow- Use our own slideshow program RoyalSlider for pictures/videos.

Some Useful HTML Tag & Shortcode Format For Use

Note, Warning, & Tips

1. Note

[note]Note Paragraph[/note]


<div class="note"><b>Note:</b> Note paragraph line.</div>


Note: A demo line to demonstrate how the note div section looks like.

2. Warning

[warning]Warning Paragraph[/warning]


<div class="warning"><b>Warning:</b> Warning paragraph line.</div>


Warning: A demo line to demonstrate how the warning div section looks like.

3. Tips

[tips]Tips Paragraph[/tips]


<div class="tips"><b>Tips:</b> Tips paragraph line.</div>


Tips: A demo line to demonstrate how the tips div section looks like.

Use Shortcode for Video, Slide Presentation…

1. Youtube

[youtube id="yJQQhxcLiBE" width="630" height="350"]


2. Vimeo

[vimeo id="27976058" width="630" height="350"]


3. Slideshare

[slideshare id="20213489" width="630" height="350"]


4. Scribd

[scribd id="139109885" width="630" height="850"]


5. Google Presentation

[googlep id="1BE0rqKPMFb19djTIyt0-HfLyCweeTXLGxi_4iOm9R50" width="630" height="350"]


Shortcode for Subscription Box





[quote]Quotation Content[/quote]


<div class="quote">Quote Content</div>


Quotation Content