Glossary Of Photographic Terms – B

February 6, 2013

Glossory of Photographic Term -B

B Setting:

A feature of adjustable camera which enables time composure.When the photographer sets the camera on B,the shutter will remained open as long as the shutter release button remains depressed.


This is the part of the scene which appears behind the principal object.Generally a good focused image have blurred background.

Back lighting:

The light which comes from the background of the object or behind from the object.It makes the object standout vividly against the background.Usually during sunset this conditions appear and it is responsible for the silhouette effect.


This is the placement of colors,small and large objects,highlighted areas in the image,so that equilibrium will be maintained between the various objects and lighting conditions.


A decorated object made by using modern graphics tools in which graduated color breaks in to larger blocks of single color which results in reduced “smooth” look.

Bayer Pattern:

Patterns of RED,GREEN,and BLUE filters on the camera sensor.Generally Green color filter is twice of others as human eye is more sensitive to green.

Between the Lens shutter:

This is the shutter whose blades operates between two elements of the lens.

Bounce Lighting:

The condition in which flash light bounced off a reflector which leads to effect of natural or available light.


It is the smallest unit of memory which is represented in binary digits i.e.0 & 1.

Bit Depth:

The color or gray scale of an individual pixel is known as bit depth.The pixel with 8 bits per color gives rise to 24 bit image which have 16.7 million colors.


This happens due to over exposing of CCD to too much light,which results in distortion of object and color.
CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device.


This is the value of a pixel which represents the lightness from black to white.
Black have lightness value 0 and white have 255.

Burst Mode:

This mode of DSLR enables the user to captures images rapidly as long as the shutter depressed.
Also known as continuous frame.

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