Glossary Of Photographic Terms – C

February 6, 2013

Glossary Of Photographic Terms

C Format:

It is a type of print format,identical to 2:3 aspect ratio.Generally used in 35mm photography and advised for general purpose shots.
also known as classic format.

Camera Angle:

It is the position of the camera with respect to the interest object.Angle may be of high,medium,low,left or right.
Different camera angle gives different viewpoint or effect.

Candid Picture:

These are the images which are taken without the subjects knowledge .Usually unposed pictures are candid pictures.These are more natural and relaxed.

Close up:

When the camera is less than 2 or 3 feet away from the object it is called close up.It may be of few inches and generally practiced by macro photographer.

Coated lens:

These are the lens coated with thin layer of transparent material.They have reduced amount of light reflection by the lens surface and also they are faster.


The arrangement of objects within the scene to support the principal object.The foreground and background played an important role in composition.


It is the degree of difference from light to dark areas of an image.


This is a very general term in cropping in which only the pleasurable and desired part of an object is selected before the production of the image.


stands for Charge Coupled Device.It is a type of image sensor which reads the charges built up on the sensor’s photosites at a time.

Centre Weighted:

It is the exposure system which uses the center portion of an image to adjust the overall exposure.


It is the color of an individual pixel and is made up of saturation+hue values.

Chromatic Aberration:

Usually occurs in high resolution digital cameras where a dark area is surrounded by highlight and the edge between dark and light there are lines and dots of purple or violet colored pixels which are undesirable.It is also known as purple fringe effect.


Camera Image Format.This is the universally accepted method of digital image storage by the camera makers.


Stands for Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.It is another type of image sensor which is younger to CCD and have a promising future.


Cyan, Magenta,Yellow,Black
These are the printer colors used to create color prints

Color balance:

It is the accuracy of the captured colors in the image with respect to original scene.

Continuous Auto-focus:

It is the type of auto-focus system which works full time and works even before the shutter is pressed.

Continuous tone:

It is the type of image where brightness appears consistent and uninterrupted.
Each pixel of such image uses at least one byte each for red,green & blue.

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