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Every blogger, SEO expert, internet marketer need tool for analyzing webpages, data, keyword etc. There are very few online tool available for SEO for free of cost, but these tool doesn’t give satisfied result for any data processing. This tool developed from need for us, also we feel this SEO tool can help blogger, SEO expert & internet marketer if we provide it free of cost, so we do that.

Its available for free of cost.

Following Optimization Data Included In SEO Tool:

  1. Page Optimization
  2. URL Optimization
  3. Site Optimization
  4. Ranking & Authority
  5. Social Media Optimization
  6. Link Optimization

Page Optimization:

Check details on page optimization factor and giving information what we need to change in webpage to optimize it.

Factor Included In Page Optimization:

  1. title
  2. rel=canonical
  3. meta description
  4. meta keywords
  5. body text
  6. headings
  7. bold text
  8. anchor text
  9. alt tag
  10. text/html ratio
  11. flash
  12. frame
  13. page size
  14. page speed
  15. conversion form

URL Optimization:

It cover-up domain name, subdomain name & url path as factor for optimization check.

Site Optimization:

Website optimization process data of robots.txt, xml sitemap & mobile optimization factors for checking its value.

Ranking & Authority:

It check page rank, alexa rank, page authority, domain authority, moz rank like ranking & authority value to evaluate score.

Social Media Optimization:

Collect social share data through social analytics tool for evaluating social media optimization SEO score according to competitor share data.

Social Network Included In SMO:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

Link Optimization:

Process all anchor text, linking url authority & number of backlink for both URL (Own & Competitor) to evaluate score of link optimization.

Don’t miss this tool if really want valuable data for SEO work & doesn’t want to spend money for SEO tools. If you want to waste your valuable earned money then you can try any other paid SEO tool.

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