Glossary Of Photographic Terms – D

March 7, 2013

Dark Frame:Photo Graphic Terms - A

This is a process where a camera takes a secondary exposure of a black frame just after a long exposure,so that the noise level can be reduced.When Black frame is used noise can be easily identified on it and then can be removed from actual images electronically.It also helps in reducing the hot pixels in a long exposure shots.

Dedicated Flash:

These are the flash that are to be used along with a specific model of camera.It automatically set the proper flash sync.Speed and other attributes within the camera automatically control exposure by regulating the amount of light from the flash.One cannot use a dedicated flash of Nikon over a Camera of Canon.


This is a device which is used to measure the optical density or the amount of light reflected or transmitted by an photographic object.

Depth of field:

IT is the distance appeared between the nearest and farthest object appeared in a sharply focused photograph.Depth of field varies with lens aperture,focal length and camera to subject distance.

Depth of focus:

Usually used with film cameras and misused to depth of field.It is the range of distance over which the film could be shifted at the panel inside the camera without disturbing the sharp focus of the object.


A chemical solution used to extract the visible image on a photographic paper from the photographic film.


Also called lens opening.It mounted behind or between the elements of a lens.It controls the amount of light that reaches to the camera sensor. It is usually calibrated with f-no.

Diffuse Lighting:

It is the lighting condition which is low or moderate from contrast point of view.


It is a method of simulating many colors or gray with only a few.This happens when a limited nos of same colored pixels located in such a pattern that they forms a new color.


It refers to the softening the detail or clarity of a photograph.In the pioneer era of photography this was usually done with the help of diffusion disk.


Dots per Inch. A measurement value used to describe either the resolution of a display screen or the output resolution of a printer.

DX Data Exchange:

Electrical coding system employed in 35mm format film that communicates film speed, type and exposure length to the camera.


Digital Print Order Format. Allows you to embed printing information on your memory card. Select the pictures to be printed and how many prints to make. Some photo printers with card slots will use this info at print time. Mostly used by commercial photo finishers or those Kodak kiosks you find in the mall.


Dynamic Random Access Memory. A type of memory that is volatile – it is lost when the power is turned off.

DRAM Buffer:

All digicams have a certain amount of fixed memory in them to facilitate image processing before the finished picture is stored to the flash memory card.Cameras that have a burst mode have much larger DRAM buffers, often 32MB or larger. This also makes them more expensive. DSLR – Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera,Interchangeable lens digital camera have this feature.

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