Glossary Of Photographic Terms – D

Dark Frame: This is a process where a camera takes a secondary exposure of a black frame just after a long exposure,so that the noise level can be reduced.When Black frame is used noise can be easily identified on it and then can be removed from actual images electronically.It also helps in reducing the hot […]

Glossary Of Photographic Terms Photography

Glossary Of Photographic Terms – C

C Format: It is a type of print format,identical to 2:3 aspect ratio.Generally used in 35mm photography and advised for general purpose shots. also known as classic format. Camera Angle: It is the position of the camera with respect to the interest object.Angle may be of high,medium,low,left or right. Different camera angle gives different viewpoint […]

Glossory of Photographic Term -B Photography

Glossary Of Photographic Terms – B

B Setting: A feature of adjustable camera which enables time composure.When the photographer sets the camera on B,the shutter will remained open as long as the shutter release button remains depressed. Background: This is the part of the scene which appears behind the principal object.Generally a good focused image have blurred background. Back lighting: The […]

Photo Graphic Terms - A Photography

Glossary Of Photographic Terms – A

AA/LPF filter: Now a days DSLR cameras installed LPF or AA filters before the lens so that the color aliasing problem will not affect the images. LPF stands for Low Pass Filter.AA stands for Anti-Aliasing Filter. Add-On lens: These are the lenses that have filter threads on the front edge which enables the photographer to […]